Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Suddenly spring came - week 15...

We know how it is but seems to forget it from year to year...
We wait and wait and wait for spring for what seems like forever,
and then it arrives. Suddenly.
Last week we had snow.
This week spring came in all its glory...
I went down to the habour in my commuter village.
It was so quiet and beautiful.
And the flowers have started to bloom..

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Returning to commuter life - week 14...

It was quite hard to go back to work after the easter holiday.
Harder than I thought.
All through the long winter I thought
 if I only got through February, much would be done.
But winter is long and hard this year..

My beige jumper is finished and I blocked it before returning to work..

At least it is now daylight as I drive back to commuter island. And a beautiful sunset kept me company over the mountain and along the fjord..

But bitterly cold and the next morning we woke up to even more snow..

It remained a cold, icy and sunny week, but oh - how I long for spring weather...

I fund myself being homesick this week. There where so many things I should have odne at home during the week. Instead I spent the weeknights on the sofa reading a travel tale and studying.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Quality time -week 13..

A week off on easter holiday..
Quality time at home..

I`ve knitted a lot this winter. Commuter life evenings has somehow invited to that. This week I had planned to knit a lot on this cardigan, but to many distractions. Like books, visits, cooking..

 It has been cold, but beautiful weather all week. That ment lots of walking on new paths and by the coast. Alone and with company.

Beautiful evenings and more and more daylight. Will propably be good spring and summernights in suburbia also.

I won't say I got a night out, but at least an afternoon out. Commuterlife makes those afternoons few and far between at the moment.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Stuff this week - week 12...

Here is my stuff for week 12.

 Another working week. A good one that flew by. But nothing out of the ordinary...

 More yarn. Need something to do on commuterlife nights...

Yet more snow, but at least it goes away during daytime now....

I accidentaly took this selfie and I quite liked it..

Catching an earlier ferry when going home for the easter holiday. I was the first one in the queue....

Easter holiday has started and there are spring signs. Earth hour and the clocks going forward is one of them.

Portraits in Sepia on a silent sunday...

I didn't realize that my favourite landscape was photographed in sepia untill I came home. So - here is my silent sunday protraits in sepia of my favourite landscape on a misty morning. (Could have been taken in 1920)

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Stuff this week - week 11...

This was the kind of week that started off with good intentions and my need to document everything was flying high. On the Monday it really felt like spring - the sun was shining and the birds where singing in the trees in the photo above. Then the chilly weather returned, work commitments took over and I did not take another photo before leaving my desk on the Thursday afternoon.

 I had then just made word-popcorn for my German class the next day.

And I went home to a beautiful, sunny but cold weekend.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Stuff this week - week 10....

These curtains in my commuter home have probably not been changed since the 1970s. It telles me that this is a place where nobody puts a lot of attention into the place. It is not a home, just a place to crash during the working week. I suddenly gave this some thought this week.

Spend the evenings on the couch with my knitting and my tab. What's new?

 I brace myself for my least favourite lesson of the week.....
 (and yes, I only have six students.....)

 At least the view from the classroom is nice....

Did a lot of powerwalking over the weekend. To much ice and snow for my liking. This transition into spring can be so though, and this winter has been so long, white and cold.