Saturday, 18 January 2020

New years resolution - and I'm intending to keep it...

I have a New years resolution this year, and I am going to keep it. It is to do with overconsumption. Basically regarding everything, but particularly when it comes to clothes. Over the past few years I have had several rounds of clearing out my wardrobe and sending clothes off to the charity shop.
Often I've thrown out things that have been perfectly wearable. I've just been a bit sick of them and fancy something new. This is going to stop.

I guess it is a thing of the times we live in, with all the focus on the environment, overconsuming, slow fashion etc, that has made me more concerned about what I buy and what I throw out.

2020 is going to be a year where I will work on changing the mindset, and then I hope I can take that in to the future without giving it to much thought. In my wardrobe there are enough stuff to keep me dressed for all occasions for  the next year. I just have to avoid the temptation to go out and shop. Of course we need to buy stuff at some point, but I want to try to get in to a mindset where I buy stuff that I need, and not because I trick my mind into believing that I need it.
I will keep a record of what I buy and probably post it here.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Moving into 2020 - week 1 and 2.....

2020 is underway. We are back to everyday life. I am looking forward to a new year and a new decade. Here is a bit of what has been happening these first few days.
Fireworks and a new year party saw us into the new year and the new decade.

These are the books I have on my reading list at them moment. I have my work cut out. I plan to read them all in 2020. The  problem is that it always shows up a lot of stuff  at work I have to read. But I have a long summerholiday.

I'm starting off with Ken Follett. I normally like his books.

It is the middle of the winter. We are just underneath the North Pole and it is eight degrees celcius, wind and rain. According to the experts we have to get use to this. Climate change are upon us.

Christmas 2019 is definitely over. I always leave it for as long as possible to take down the Christmas decorations. This year I could not wait to take it down. Hopefully I am ready for more Christmas in eleven months time.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Looking back at 2019 in the posts I never posted ..

We've come to the end of 2019, and it is time for me to look back on the year.  This was the year when I planned a lot of posts that never was, for different reasons. Here are a review of those posts in photos:

  I spent a month in the hills of northern Portugal and did my yoga teacher training. The surroundings where beautiful.

That led to new  friendships and I found a sangha. 

My favourite place in the world is always the west coast of Norway and there is  not much that can beat a boat trip here on a beautiful summersday.

And than you have the Nordic summernight...
I got a new job and with it a new commuter home.

I spent a weekend in the beautiful village of Rosendal and walked around the old manor house with its beautiful rosegarden.

and Autumn came in all its glory...

In the end we got to Christmas. For the first time in thirty years I walked around the Christmastree. Twice, actually....


Friday, 27 December 2019


Christmas can be such a good time. Having the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. It can also be a difficult time. Expectations can be so high when it comes to what is going to take place. The gifts, the food, the decorations, the company. It can be hard to get it right, with different traditions and different personalities getting together for the holidays.

This Christmas we have been nine people celebrating together. We spent two days in each others company, doing all the Christmas things with lots of eating, present exchange,playing games.

It went well. I think we all had a good time and that we managed to create some good memories.
 I took a photo of the tree and of our dinner on Christmas day. Christmas eve is the big day in Scandinavia, so this was our second feast together.

Monday, 23 December 2019

Julemarked - Christmas market..

 The Christmas holiday is underway and we started it off with a visit to the Christmas market in Bergen. We had a walk around town and dinner at a restaurant. I was just about finished with all the Christmas shopping, so the reason for going into the city on a pre-Christmas afternoon was just to have a relaxing day out. Nothing I needed to do.

 It was the day of the winter solstice, and the photos shows that it is pretty dark now, but in December we have the Christmas lights. I just love Christmas lights. I really think that there can never be enough.

 The Christmas market is a lot of fun for big and small, and I could really enjoy the fact that there was nothing  I needed to do apart from being there and enjoying it all.

AWe are all set  for the celebrations and I wish everybody a merry Christmas.

Sunday, 1 December 2019


My 8th and graders have worked with online poetry in the English lessons lately. One of them came up with this beautiful little poem. I wasn't able to find out who has written it, and I hope whoever wrote it will accept my apologies for not quoting the author.

I hope you love here. No matter how far here is from where you want to be. And I hope you realize if here isn't where you want to be, then you 'll never get there - because everything is right here, right now.
And so if you don't love right here, right now, what makes you think you'll love right here, right now later?
You won't. 
Your mind is stuck on later.
Happiness later. Success later. Being my most fit and attractive version later, not realizing you could be your most successful version right now. And even if you couldn't, you could be your happiest version right now, and really, there is no difference between the two.
And if you do not know that right here, right now, I hope you realize that sooner than later.