Saturday, 9 November 2019

Glory to the weekend...

Beautiful ice patterns on my windscreen on Friday morning.

It has been a busy week. It is the grading season for us who work in "the schoolbusiness. " After having worked with refugees for a few years, I had forgotten how much work goes into that.
In addition I "lost" a day at my desk, as we attended a conference with the education guru James Nottingham regarding the learning pit and learning challenges. Interesting day, though.
Winter has arrived  with frosty, beautiful weather.
Oh, how I longed for the sofa and the weekend as I was stuck in the rushhour traffic on Friday afternoon. Darkness falls early now, but the horizon looks promising for the weekend. I am going to leave all work to one side, bake a cake and celebrate a birthday in the family.
Rushhour on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Fashion week....

When reading blogs, one of my favourite topics is reading about what people wear and the thinking around it. I have often thought about posting more about this myself. But I feel that what I wear is to boring with not enough variation. Once in a  while I can do it though, and this week I had planned to do five days of what I wear. Things seldom goes to plan, and this plan failed already at the first hurdle when I forgot to take photos. But I still wanted to do my post, so I here is a post about items that I wear a lot at the moment.
 Scarf season is here. I wear scarves all the time, particularly in the winter, of course, but also through the rest of the year. I find scarves really versitile, and easy to put on and take off depending on the temperature. I bought this in deep green with coral flowers a few years ago. I really don't know why I haven't used it. Started to wear it  this week and love it. I find that the colour really suits me, and the fabric is so soft. The tag has been cut off, so I don't know what it is made of. 
 What I meen by boring outfits. A top and a cardi and jeans is the thing for a normal day.
 On an ordinary working day I normally wear jeans. I want to become more adventourous, but I am not there. When I bought these ripped jeans I thought maybe they are a bit to young for me, but I have decided not to care. I love them. 
 The all-weather jacket is part of the uniform. We have a lot of challenging weather in this country, which doesn't stop us from outdoor adventures.  I work in a school, and the  weather needs to be really bad before we let the students stay indoors during break time. Waterproof and insulated is the thing. Instead of the blue and black I always go for, I've gone for a new purple one.
I still wear my boots that I've had for three years. It is the same thing as with the jacket- waterproof and insulated, and also slipperyproof. I have bought a couple of new pairs of boots this autumn, as the ones in the photo above is beginning to notice the wear. The one on the left is an all-year pair, that I intend to wear with skirts and dresses. The one on the right is a pair of real winter boots.a  

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Everyday life week 43...

Week 43 of the year 2019, came and went. It was the week when I realised we've gotten  to the time we define as late autumn. It means that winter is near. The clocks have gone back, the leaves are falling of the trees and the grading season is upon us. That means long hours in the office. It is dark when I leave home and dark when I return home. The candle lights are out again, and people seems to hibernate. Here are five things this week:

 Late afternoon office view. I am the last one to leave, but a week before the clocks to back it is still daylight as I leave the office building.

 Still need a commuter flat some days a week.
 Driving home on a Friday afternoon is just the best feeling....
 Grocery shopping late on a Friday night. Met a childhood friend. Haven't seen him for 30-35 years.

Over the last couple of years I have become a fan of probiotics /fermented food. The health benefits have really impressed me. I got hold of some water kefir grains and my second batch made on apricots, produced a really frizzy, fresh drink. So inspiring.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Daily life week 42.....

The first week after a week off is always a bit though, I find. But daily life has found its rythm again. Autumn is surrounding us, evident both in nature with its glorious colours, the darker mornings and, on my part at least, the slower pace of everything.  Here are five things that forms autumnlife in week 42.

 Back at my desk on monday morning.

Walking this route every weekday night. I walk alone and meet hardly any cars and  no people.

 In spring I started to knit my #eastrivershawl by the Danish designer Susie Haumann. I am finally getting around to finishing it.

 A glimpse of autumn through my classroom Windows.

Years ago I bought the triology of the Forsythe saga. I never got around to reading it. Now I have started on volume one. I found a note inside it written on a notepad from the Torres wine company, dating back from when I worked in  the hospitality industri. I left that job in 2009. A  cancellation was written on the note for the 29th of February, meaning that I bought the book in a leap year more than ten years ago. About time I read it!

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Catching up..

 Time flies. I am now on the autumn/half-term break.  Can't believe we are  there already.

I am two months into my new job and it has  been  busy. But I feel that I am settling into it. Now it is time to finish my yoga-teacher training, which I am getting around to now.

I now work in  the fjord-area near Bergen. Beautiful always, but particularly with the crisp, clear autumn air. Taking a break from it this week and spending time by my favourite coast. Time to take some time-out.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Back to September 2014...

I love the opportunity blogging gives to look back. Now I have been looking back five years to September 2014. Doesn't seem all that long ago.
I met a friend in Skostredet in Bergen. I haven't seen her since.

 I had this kitchen window in the city flat.

 That autumn I did a course at the University College in Stord. 

 I had orchids that was blooming. Since I moved to the flat in  suburbia I can't make them bloom.

 She was three and already a cutie. I was five years younger.

According to a blogpost from the end of September that year, the sun was shining all month long. We will not be able to say that about September 2019. We have had so much rain lately.