Sunday, 30 September 2018

Høsttre/Autumn trees - Silent Sunday

It is definitely autumn  - my favourite time of the year. When it is not storm and rain for a month, that is. All the rain has washed the autumn colours out this year, but I managed to find some.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Five things......

1. Storms (plural). It has been such a windy week - and it is only September.

2. It is time for wintercoats and wintershoes

3. I'm going all in for yoga and my yogamat is a key essential. Have even brought it to my commuterhome.

4. Assignment writing time for the student. I had no computer in my commuter home, so I had to do it the old way. Pen and paper rules.

5. Times are shifting. Autumn and candlelights on a weekend.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Green plants...

I decided to go for green plants for decoration. I also decided to grow them for seeds. In most cases you need a lot of patience. But now I am starting to get somewhere.

I got this Pilea from a colleague. It was only two tiny leaves then, and stayed that way for a long time. Suddenly it took of, and is now quite decorative.

This was also two tiny threads when I got it. Now I need to cut it down as it grows all over the floor quite quickly.

I planted the seeds for this cactus about three years ago. Now we are getting somewhere, but you need a lot patience.

These, howevere, has grown a lot faster.  I planted them earlier this year and now they are getting bigger by the week. 

An finally, this one. I planted this over the summer, as I decided some kind of palm would be nice to have. Looks like we are getting somewhere. I realise I need to replant it soon.

All in all growing green plants, succulents, cactuses from cuttings or seeds has been a lot easier than what I thought. I water them and nourish them, but basically they just sit there and need little care and attention.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Five things this week...

1. New commuter home. This living room reminds me of my grandparents livingroom. I will spend four nights a week here.

2. Rain. Everyday, all day. Never stops. And it is only the middle of  September.

3. I was out looking for the autumn colours. They where hard to spot due to all the rain that washes them out it seems. But here is something that reminds of it.

 4. Ochre coloured yarn. Over the next few weeks I will turn it into a jumper.

5. I am such a vain person. This buy made me happy this week.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Everyday life the commuter way...

Can't complain about the scenery..

I am into my second year as a commuter. Every week I travel to my job in a tiny island about a tree hours drive from home. I return home on Friday morning. This meens that I am not at home during the week.

The downsides to it  is that I never take part in anything happening at home during the week. Whether it be shoppingnights, different arrangements, picking up from school or fotball, familydinners on  a normal tuesday.  It is something I miss at times.

Then there is what actualy happens in commuter island. There is hardly any pressure to get home from work. I am never busy in the afternoon after work, so I can spend the whole evening in the office if I want to. Because I don't live here, I don't involve myself in the everyday life here. There is a strange kind of psychology going on there.

When I eventually get back to the commuter flat, I can spend all the time in front of the TV I want, I can spend all the time on the net I want. I can pick out a few people who would envy me that! But there is also those evenings that are very long and I would do anything to be at home just to attend a yogaclass or buy kebab for dinner. When you live in such a remote place, those kind of amenities are few and far between.

Another thing that I have noticed is the way I dress. At home I used to think carefully about what I wore each day. Dressing for the day was of importance. In commuter island, it is of so much less importance. I wear tops - old tops, black tops - and jeans and trainers. I hardly wear any make-up in commuter island, either. And the reason is that nobody else seems to bother, so I don't either.

Everything has its good sides and bad sides. It is a different life working away from your home. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Most important of all: I love my current job!

Me - on a normal weekday in my black top and jeans....