Saturday, 1 December 2018

November light..

I dreaded November a bit. Dark, cold and often wet around here, and in addition life in commuter island. But I discovered Novmeber light. It has been such a treat driving to work at the break of day. And the afternoons have been so beautiful. So, thank you November for showing me all this beautiful light in the dark,

Of course I have taken photos:

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Lack of light....

On my way to work in the morning on a clear day. 

I learned something from last winter spent in commuter land. That is that you need a headlight to get out and about there. Last winter I was really struck by how dark the winter really is in this country. I am born and bread her and it shouldn't come as a surprise, but I have spent the majority of the time in cities and suburban areas. One thing is to know that the artificial light is there, another thing is to really get the feel of it when you are literally stuck in the darkness.

So for the first time in my life I spend my days with a headlight in my pocket. In commuter land you have small settlements and narrow roads with only a few scattered lights.
Another thing is the effect the darkness has on the mood. Winterdepressions are a very real problem here, that I am lucky enough not to suffer from. Last winter is the closest I have come to that as I felt I was stuck in this dark box, that went on for ever.
 I truly believe that to get out and about helps on the mood, so the headlight is the necessary tool to actually get out and get some exercise.
One thing has struck me though - I wonder what the natives does? I hardly meet anyone else on my walks. Perhaps it is so dark that I can't see them?
The headlight lights up the road in front of me and the roadsticks.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Five things at the start of November....

The clocks went back last weekend. That made the morning view from my commuter home a tiny bit brighter. Particulcarly as it was a clear day on monday.

Come wednesday I just could not believe the fact that it is already November. 2018 is nearly up. Where has it gone?

The previously mentioned brighter morning means an earlier night. Not that it will make much different. We are entering the dark time of the year on these shores. In particular in my commuter island where there is hardly any roadlights. Headlight and safetyvest are needed on my daily exercise trip.

I bought these shoes last year and regretted it. I found them big and chunky, squaky and bright. I have worn them quite a lot recently and now love them. They don't squeak anymore either.

And last, bit not least my classroom. I love doing this job, but it will fade away over the next few months. Thats life....

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Knit your own tops....

I have a project going on this year - it is to knit my own tops. So far I have knittes two shortsleeves, two sweaters and a cardigan. The mustard colour ball in the photo is a jumper I finished, but didn't like - so I'll make something else out of it. The ochred coloured sweater is coming along nicely, and I have a few more plans to last me into next year. I am hooked,

Next part of the project is maybe to give something  to somebody else? It will be quite a lot of tops at some point,

Monday, 29 October 2018


I have a project going on this year. It is to knit my own tops. This red one deserves  its own post. It is knitted in a soft type of alpakka with V-neck and raglan. I really loved the shape of it, and not least the colour.