Friday, 27 September 2013

Oh, mobile communication

Ever since I got my first mobilephone I've stayed true to Nokia. When the smatphones came, and I realised that I was lagging behind if I didn't have one of those, I realised that Nokia was also lagging behind. But I stayed true and said to myself "it is good enough for me".

Than the other day, my phone just died. I put it in the charger, and when I came back to it it was dead and very hot. I tried to pump life into it again, but with no luck. For about twenty four hours I was without mobile communication. What an experience! I felt totally isolated. I can actually remember a time when we didn't have mobilephones, and from my early childhood I remember a time when there where several houses in the village I grew up in which didn't have a phone. How did we get by?

Now I have a new phone. It's a Samsung. I feel unfaithful. Nokia is not up to it at the moment, according to the bloke in the shop, but they are getting back into it.

So next time it is Nokia for me...

Out with old, and in with the new..

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Looking for the autumn

Approaching the end of september meens that autumn is definetly here. Weatherwise autumn can be so many things here on these shores. It can be rainy and windy, or just rain a little bit. Grey skies and wind is a different option. To sum it up; it's unpredictable. Today was really, nice and sunny, and I decided to look for the nice autumn colours. I have noticed that the nature is changing colours, and I just love this change of season period.

Here are some ideas about what autumn can be like on a city on the west coast of Norway.

Lots of leaves on the ground is a sure sign of Autumn.

With the sun creeping down on the sky, the shaddows comes earlier and earlier. In a few weeks the sun will not reach down to this spot at all

I don't think anyone will actually pick those Apples.

This is what I was looking for today. Lots of colourful leaves. I love it.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Home improvement

The first summer I lived in the flat I live in now, I realised that to live in a flat, facing west in the Norwegian summertime with lots of windows and hardly any curtains, was not a great move. With the eternal  daylight of the Norwegian summertime, it meant that I had the sun in the living room for about 12 hours every day, the result being that I was moving around when I was in the living room not to get the sun in my eyes and in addition it became stifling hot. So I decided to go out and buy some curtains. I bought some dark, gray woollen ones of a really thick, quality fabric.

Just to underline how bad it was, the photos turned out really dark

 Beautiful curtains, that really kept out the sun when I wanted them to. With the grey sofa and light gray walls, it all turned out differently when the autumn and winterdarkness came. The room became really dark. So with the autumn and winter coming along I decided it was time for a change. The good thing is that my mother decided to change her curtains so I could inherit her old ones. Can't be fussy, but I think they will do.

The after photos.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What I have been reading lately

As I have been a student over the past four years, I haven't read a lot of fiction. Now that I am working part-time I have a lot more time for that. I have always loved reading, and it is nice to get back into the habit.

Currently I am ready this one by Dan Brown. I am not a huge fan of Dan Brown.  I don't really know why, as I hear quite a lot of people like him, but I like this book. The best one I've read by him.

Yes, I've read this triology. Or I am now halfway through book number 2, and I am considering giving it up. The thing is that I find it to be not that well written, and I don't think that the story needs to be three books long. One book would be enough. Even though I am only in book two, I can see where the story is going and if the development so far is anything to go by, there is a lot of uninterstingness between here and the end. But than I guess you aren't reading it for the story.

I have two Norwegian crimenovels waiting. Norwegian crime is quite good I find, and Jo Nesbø has also made his mark internationally. Both these books has had good reviews. I have read books of both authors before and they have been really captivating.


Monday, 16 September 2013


Out on my run this morning, I found a coin on the ground. When I was a child I was told that if you find a coin on the ground, you should pick it up, keep it in your hand and wish for something.

Troughout my life, when I have found a coin, I have picked it up and wished for something. When I came home today, I decided to search the net a bit to see if this was something national, or global even. What did I find? A lot of stories about how picking up worthless coins from the street is unhygenic!

So much for my romantic thinking!

The coin I found on my run today. One Norwegian krone - Worth next to nothing.
Lucky or purely unhygenic?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Here we go..again..

So I've decided to start blogging....:)

Sometimes it feels like life just passes by, and I want to blog about the little thing in life. The ordinary life.

I just want to tell the story of my life, no matter how small it is. I am a girl/woman, early 40, live in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Currently I am looking for a job, even if I have a parttime job. Four years ago I went back into education and I now have a new masterdegree. Hopefully it will somehow come in useful.

Here we go...