Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Looking for the autumn

Approaching the end of september meens that autumn is definetly here. Weatherwise autumn can be so many things here on these shores. It can be rainy and windy, or just rain a little bit. Grey skies and wind is a different option. To sum it up; it's unpredictable. Today was really, nice and sunny, and I decided to look for the nice autumn colours. I have noticed that the nature is changing colours, and I just love this change of season period.

Here are some ideas about what autumn can be like on a city on the west coast of Norway.

Lots of leaves on the ground is a sure sign of Autumn.

With the sun creeping down on the sky, the shaddows comes earlier and earlier. In a few weeks the sun will not reach down to this spot at all

I don't think anyone will actually pick those Apples.

This is what I was looking for today. Lots of colourful leaves. I love it.

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