Friday, 27 September 2013

Oh, mobile communication

Ever since I got my first mobilephone I've stayed true to Nokia. When the smatphones came, and I realised that I was lagging behind if I didn't have one of those, I realised that Nokia was also lagging behind. But I stayed true and said to myself "it is good enough for me".

Than the other day, my phone just died. I put it in the charger, and when I came back to it it was dead and very hot. I tried to pump life into it again, but with no luck. For about twenty four hours I was without mobile communication. What an experience! I felt totally isolated. I can actually remember a time when we didn't have mobilephones, and from my early childhood I remember a time when there where several houses in the village I grew up in which didn't have a phone. How did we get by?

Now I have a new phone. It's a Samsung. I feel unfaithful. Nokia is not up to it at the moment, according to the bloke in the shop, but they are getting back into it.

So next time it is Nokia for me...

Out with old, and in with the new..

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