Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What I have been reading lately

As I have been a student over the past four years, I haven't read a lot of fiction. Now that I am working part-time I have a lot more time for that. I have always loved reading, and it is nice to get back into the habit.

Currently I am ready this one by Dan Brown. I am not a huge fan of Dan Brown.  I don't really know why, as I hear quite a lot of people like him, but I like this book. The best one I've read by him.

Yes, I've read this triology. Or I am now halfway through book number 2, and I am considering giving it up. The thing is that I find it to be not that well written, and I don't think that the story needs to be three books long. One book would be enough. Even though I am only in book two, I can see where the story is going and if the development so far is anything to go by, there is a lot of uninterstingness between here and the end. But than I guess you aren't reading it for the story.

I have two Norwegian crimenovels waiting. Norwegian crime is quite good I find, and Jo Nesbø has also made his mark internationally. Both these books has had good reviews. I have read books of both authors before and they have been really captivating.


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