Thursday, 10 October 2013


These past few months I have had time to og back to my old hobby - knitting. I have always been quite fond of using my hands, as we say, create something, and knitting has been a favourite for many years. There have been times I haven't knitted a lot, but at the moment I am in a steem. That means that I buy a lot of year, can never get enough of that. At the moment I am knitting clothes, tops, cardigans sweaters.

Here are some photos of my produce.

This is going to be a top, but I have run out of yarn.

Halfway through a sweater. Need to buy more yarn.

Something I managed to finish. It is a sweater Sarah Lund style.

Hopefully it will be a cardigan. The yarn is Nice, but really thin.

Lots more work to do

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