Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February moments

In my mind February has a really dull reputation. I have always thought of it like that. It is nothing special about that month I find. The novelty of the new year has worn of. We are settling in to everyday routines mostly. It is the time when we are reallly sick of winter and just want the spring to come along.

Is it a derserved reputation ?

Not generally, but certainly this year. Weatherwise it has been a mild month as the rest of this winter. Signs of the spring is everywhere by the end of the month. I troddle along in my everydaylife.

 In the park near where I live, the trees are still naked.

The snowdrops in the garden is in full bloom and have been for most of the month.

February produced a snowy sunday.....

.....but generally mild, springlike weather for my walks by the coast.

I have in fact been able to wear trainers that are not made for bare streets all winter. It is not only me reacting to the mild winter. It a constant topic in the media.

February has been a quiet month with little work and a lot of home life. That gives time for indoors activities like knitting and baking.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Winter sunshine and knitting

Winter sunshine always fascinates me. Gradually you notice that the daylight is back and that the sunshine is around for some time and does good things in your home. I guess it is one of the things I love about the change of the seasons. This coming and going of the sunrays and the fact that there is only clouds for weeks, so suddenly you realise that the sun is back or gone. There is also a lot of mountains around and they do their bit to hide the sun.

And than there is knitting. This is the third cardigan I am knitting since the start of the year. Look forward to doing something else now.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A tuesday in the country

Now that I only work part-time I have the opportunity to spend time in the country even on a weekday. Most weeks I spend a day out there in midweek. I try and enjoy it while I can, because soon I will not be able to spend this much time out there.  Today was a beautiful, sunny day and I spent most of it on the inside looking out. I spent it cooking heartshaped fishcakes for many mouths. I spent it among green plants, childrens drawings and helping out with home work. It was a day like so many of the days spent in the country. A good day!


Friday, 14 February 2014

14. february - Friday

Documenting the 14th:

Not the healthiest of breakfast, but you have to eat :)
My neighbours has found a reason to raise the flag on  a rainy day.

I will start to knit something of this today.

Early dinner as I am on the late shift today

 On my way to work. I was surprised at how little traffic there was today...
You can hardly see it in the Picture, but a rainbow appeared as I parked the car.

Back home again.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Is it ok... or a bit sad?

 It is february in the west of Norway. Even if the climate here is milder than in other parts of the country february is still a time for ice, snow and freezing temperatures. This winter we have hardly seen any snow at all in Bergen. January was cold and dry, but that was due to the constant wind and not the temperature in itself. Now the rain has returned.

Bare streets has its good sides. No snow makes it so much easier to find a parking place for the car and you don't have to defrost the car and clear it of snow. There is no need for shoveling at all. Great. On my morning walk I can use the trainers that is made for bare streets and not have to worry about breaking a limb. Great.

According to those who knows we have to get use to this. Climate change and all. So I ask myself is it ok..or is it actually a bit sad?

This are now blooming in our garden. They are about a month early.

Monday, 3 February 2014


I live in the city and I have lived here for 5 years. When I first came back, it was because I had to leave the life I lived before, and which I loved. I just had to go and I came to Bergen as it was close to where I call home and near my family. I rented a tiny flat two streets down the hillside from where I live now, didn't really know what to do or how long I would stay. I always saw myself living in the countryside, in a village with more space than I needed, a garden to annoy me and neighbours that I knew. A year after I moved back to Bergen, I moved into the flat I live in now. I certainly think citylife has its pros. I can walk to the businesscentre from where I live, the buses run frequently if I should need one, there is a certain freedom in citylife I find. I don't know my neighbours very well, but I have lots of them. (don't know if it is a pro not to know them). I have seaview from my flat and it is only a forty minutes drive to the countryhouse.

I have always regarded myself as a countrygirl - I still do - and I find it surpsrising that I have settled so well.

These photos are taken from my street or nearby.

Photo from November 2013

February view from the street

 Photo from October 2013

If somebody had told me ten years ago that I would settle in an environment like this, it would have provoked a small laugh on my part.

Who can complain when you have views like this from the livingroom window. I took this photo 29th May 2013.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

It is in winter that we dream of spring...

I came to think about this poem by Robert Burns Wilson - It is in winter that we long for spring -  as I looked out on the beautiful sky this morning. We are slowly edging our way towards spring here in the north, but it is still a long way away. Like so many Norwegians I have a love/hate relationship to the winter. I love the changing seasons in this country. I love the variety of it. And I actually find the best time of the year the beginning og autumn, when you can notice that the light is fading and the darkness is coming back.

We have had very little snow in the west of Norway this winter. Other parts of the country is drowning in it, though. January has been extremly dry. No snow and no rain for weeks, just this cold easternly wind that has lasted throughout january. Now it is february 1, and I know that this can be a really cold month. When I looked out at the beautiful sky this morning, I thought about the fact that spring can be a long way of yet, and that it is in winter that we long for spring...

It is in Winter that we dream of spring..

IT is in Winter that we dream of Spring;

  For all the barren bleakness and the cold,
  The longing fancy sees the frozen mould
Decked with sweet blossoming.
Though all the birds be silent,—though      
  The fettered stream’s soft voice be still,
And on the leafless bough the snow
  Be rested, marble-like and chill,—
Yet will the fancy build, from these,
  The transient but well-pleasing dream       
Of leaf and bloom among the trees,
  And sunlight glancing on the stream.
Though, to the eye, the joyless landscape yields
  No faintest sign to which the hope might cling,—
Amidst the pallid desert of the fields,—        
  It is in Winter that we dream of Spring.

Robert Burns Wilson