Wednesday, 26 February 2014

February moments

In my mind February has a really dull reputation. I have always thought of it like that. It is nothing special about that month I find. The novelty of the new year has worn of. We are settling in to everyday routines mostly. It is the time when we are reallly sick of winter and just want the spring to come along.

Is it a derserved reputation ?

Not generally, but certainly this year. Weatherwise it has been a mild month as the rest of this winter. Signs of the spring is everywhere by the end of the month. I troddle along in my everydaylife.

 In the park near where I live, the trees are still naked.

The snowdrops in the garden is in full bloom and have been for most of the month.

February produced a snowy sunday.....

.....but generally mild, springlike weather for my walks by the coast.

I have in fact been able to wear trainers that are not made for bare streets all winter. It is not only me reacting to the mild winter. It a constant topic in the media.

February has been a quiet month with little work and a lot of home life. That gives time for indoors activities like knitting and baking.



  1. Oh, how it was lovely to see all these beautiful photos from your scandinavian country ! February is always a quite month but spring is already in the air!
    Hugs from here!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Definetly more photos as the spring and summer comes.