Monday, 10 February 2014

Is it ok... or a bit sad?

 It is february in the west of Norway. Even if the climate here is milder than in other parts of the country february is still a time for ice, snow and freezing temperatures. This winter we have hardly seen any snow at all in Bergen. January was cold and dry, but that was due to the constant wind and not the temperature in itself. Now the rain has returned.

Bare streets has its good sides. No snow makes it so much easier to find a parking place for the car and you don't have to defrost the car and clear it of snow. There is no need for shoveling at all. Great. On my morning walk I can use the trainers that is made for bare streets and not have to worry about breaking a limb. Great.

According to those who knows we have to get use to this. Climate change and all. So I ask myself is it ok..or is it actually a bit sad?

This are now blooming in our garden. They are about a month early.

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