Monday, 31 March 2014

March moments

Here are the moments from March. A pretty quiet month.


March - the first spring month. This transition time where you long for the sunshine and despair at the rain and even snow you get. But the end of the month also produced some nice days where I could feel that  the sun was actually warming.
Still it has been dark enough in the evenings for it to feel worth while to light the candles that are sitting in the windowsill.

March produced simple pleasures like a new bright, yellow spring jacket and a new kettle which has a blue light when it is on.( Oh, childish joys) And I discovered supermarket bought sushi (very expensive for very little)  and avocado.


 March produced a lot of home life...

..... a weekend away and  more of the outdoorlife.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Come home with me...

This lanscape is home to me. This wide open landscape consitsting of "a million" little islands which lies between the wide open North Sea on one hand and the fjord on the other, with stunning views to the mountains in the distance.
It is not very often that you see the ocean as calm as this.

At the moment I live so near that I can reach it within an hours drive. And I return often, as I have the opportunity to do so at the moment. That has not always been the case. But I have always come back here when I have "gone home". Wherever I have been in the world.

I left it in my youth and vowed to never return. I thought the good life lay elsewhere and perhaps it did at the time. I always have returned and it is a long time since I  realised that life on these island can actually be good ;)

Today I walked a trail on the westside of one of the islands so I wasn't really able to catch much of the fjord on camera, but the boat in the photo above is on its way towards the fjord.

Monday, 24 March 2014


On this day in 1914 she was born.  The photo is taken on this day 25 years ago, just a few months before she died. Still, 25 years later I feel that she is one of the most important people in my life.

Happy birthday, mormor!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Six years ago...

On this  day six years ago, I was in Venice. It was the easter week, the middle of March and we thought Venice was a good option. And it was. Venice is a beautiful place, really worth going.

 Coming from the high north to southern Europe, we believed spring would be noticable in mid March in Venice. Perhaps even a touch of what northerners regard as summer weather. Spring is around the corner even in Scandinavia in mid March. On this particular day in 2008 it was freezing cold in Venice.

 It warmed up later in the week, though. But on this particular day it was grey, cold and windy. As we walked around the city we went into shops, coffeshops restaurants purely to get some warmth in the body. That didn't stop us from enjoying the beauty of it, though.

All photos taken by me in 2008

Friday, 14 March 2014

14. March - friday

Nearly half of March is gone. Spring is here. There are evidence of leaves on the trees and the birds are singing outside my window in the morning. The weekend has already started on my part and the quiet life dominates the day.

Here is my day!

Good morning! The world lies at my feet.

Grey day, but I managed a power walk before the rain sets in.
I spend the rest of the day at home reading a biography and knitting. The biography is about Nordahl Grieg, a war time poet. He is still widely read in this country.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

On work....

Soon I will leave these offices.

In many ways a gamble in other ways not. I have worked here for a year and a half. I took it on knowing that it was not the most interesting job in the world, but I hoped it would lead me to some new adventures and possibilities. After all the company I work for has a lot of things going on and I have a lot of experience. It has not taken me anywhere. Far from it. For the past six months I have been so bored. It is something about coming to work and there is absolutely nothing meaningful to do all day. It has also been difficult to find a new job. I have tried. God, I have tried. 

When the new year came and I had not been able to find a new job and nothing improves in the job I have, I decided that it was time to think again.  So I have been thinking again. And I am leaving this job and going back to where I have been before.

This is what success looks like according to
 I look at this drawing and I think OK, there is still hope. My gut tells me I am doing the right thing,  by leaving. I guess, sometimes it is good to take a step back before you move forward.

Monday, 3 March 2014

The Wharf

This is the warf in Bergen. One of the trademarks of  Bergen. Bergen is still one of the most important ports in Norway, and has been ever since the middle ages. There are archaological finds that suggest that there have been buildings here  since around the 11th century. This is the area where the town was founded around 1070.

The buildings have of course been renovated and mended during the years. Not least due to the fact that the area has been ravaged by fires, most of which happened during the middle ages. The last big fire was in 1955.

It is really nice to walk in between the houses and look at the constructions. History sits in the walls here. Today there is some small shops, restaurants other businesses located here.
This is of course one of the busiest tourist spots in Bergen. But on  a beautiful day in March there are not all that many tourists around.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


It is  fastelavn sunday today. The big bun-day as it says in the article I read in the saturday supplement of the local newspaper. Fastelavn marks the start of  lent and there is forty days untill easter.

These are made by my mother. We took the easy option and bought some buns, whipped cream and put on the jam. Lots of calories is what one needs when fast is on the menu.