Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Come home with me...

This lanscape is home to me. This wide open landscape consitsting of "a million" little islands which lies between the wide open North Sea on one hand and the fjord on the other, with stunning views to the mountains in the distance.
It is not very often that you see the ocean as calm as this.

At the moment I live so near that I can reach it within an hours drive. And I return often, as I have the opportunity to do so at the moment. That has not always been the case. But I have always come back here when I have "gone home". Wherever I have been in the world.

I left it in my youth and vowed to never return. I thought the good life lay elsewhere and perhaps it did at the time. I always have returned and it is a long time since I  realised that life on these island can actually be good ;)

Today I walked a trail on the westside of one of the islands so I wasn't really able to catch much of the fjord on camera, but the boat in the photo above is on its way towards the fjord.

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  1. What an inspiring land/seascape you enjoy! No wonder you don't want to leave it! My own view from my front door is not nearly as expansive, but it does face across water (from a small island across a strait to the mainland of British Columbia -- Vancouver lights on the night's horizon).
    Thanks for sharing this and broadening my own view of the world.