Monday, 17 March 2014

Six years ago...

On this  day six years ago, I was in Venice. It was the easter week, the middle of March and we thought Venice was a good option. And it was. Venice is a beautiful place, really worth going.

 Coming from the high north to southern Europe, we believed spring would be noticable in mid March in Venice. Perhaps even a touch of what northerners regard as summer weather. Spring is around the corner even in Scandinavia in mid March. On this particular day in 2008 it was freezing cold in Venice.

 It warmed up later in the week, though. But on this particular day it was grey, cold and windy. As we walked around the city we went into shops, coffeshops restaurants purely to get some warmth in the body. That didn't stop us from enjoying the beauty of it, though.

All photos taken by me in 2008

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  1. Wonderful atmospheric pictures of a place I adore and where I have been several times!