Monday, 3 March 2014

The Wharf

This is the warf in Bergen. One of the trademarks of  Bergen. Bergen is still one of the most important ports in Norway, and has been ever since the middle ages. There are archaological finds that suggest that there have been buildings here  since around the 11th century. This is the area where the town was founded around 1070.

The buildings have of course been renovated and mended during the years. Not least due to the fact that the area has been ravaged by fires, most of which happened during the middle ages. The last big fire was in 1955.

It is really nice to walk in between the houses and look at the constructions. History sits in the walls here. Today there is some small shops, restaurants other businesses located here.
This is of course one of the busiest tourist spots in Bergen. But on  a beautiful day in March there are not all that many tourists around.

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