Monday, 14 April 2014

14. April - Monday

It is the 14th of April.
It is monday.
 It is the Easter week and holiday time.
 It is a grey and windy morning in Bergen, cruise season is underway and coffee is a must. The above is the view from the balcony, but it was too cold to sit there and drink the coffee.
The city is fairly quiet today. Schools are closed and many people getting out of town. I find the city at easter time quite nice. I like this shift in tempo.

A good day to get out even if it is quite cold, grey and windy. We even had snow in the mountains.

This morning my eight year old orchid is getting ready to bloom again. I hoped it would bloom during the day, but it didn`t.

I have two knitting Projects on for the easter holiday. One is to finish my tunic knitted from top down. First time I have done that and I quite like it. Second project is a long term project in knitting a blanket of all my scrap yarn.

The sun even came out in the afternoon to shine on my easter chicken.

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