Saturday, 12 April 2014

Looking back...

For the past five years I have had an old computer lying around. I was travelling a lot at the time and in November 2008 I bought a computer of the very small type that was easy to bring with me. It was so small that I could carry it in my handbag. I never really liked it because the screen and the keyboard was just to small. And of course, carrying it around in my handbag made it easy to break. Earlier this year I found it in a cupboard and I started to think about what to with it, when I had used it and what was actually on it. I broke it in June in 2009, so I only had it for about six months. I knew there where no important documents on it, but maybe a few photos. So I decided to try to get the photos out. I was surprised at the result. There where so many photos from so many situations. My life has changed so much since then. In many ways it is like looking into a differnt life. 

 We had plenty of snow that winter as opposed to the winter this year where had hardly any snow at all.

I was still walking along this fjord and taking photos of him whatever he was doing.


I had a busy job where I worked in several locations, and we where redcorating two of them. I remember the struggle and the excitement.

 We went on holiday to Tuscany in April that year. We saw Florence, Siena, Lucca and beautiful Tuscan landscapes. And we went up the leaning Tower in Pisa. - Oh, Yeah, I was there once, I thought to myself when I saw the photos from Pisa.

In May that year I spent a week on a beach in Majorca......

.....and I went to a wedding where I had the above view from the hotel room.
Then I broke the computer..
So many memories from those six months. And so many changes since then. And I am perfectly OK with the changes that have taken place. Wonder what life will be like in five years from now and will I be happy With it?  Most of all I am really glad that I got to see all these photos again.

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