Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May moments.....

May is nearly finished. It has been a busy month. I have a new job which involves living and working away from home. Here are the moments from May.....

 At the start of the month I spent some time by the sea, I was burning the last of the yellow easter candles and I enjoyed a glass of wine at home.

Now we have round the clock daylight in this part of the world. We don't have midnight sun, but beautiful, late sunsets. I never get enough of watching sunsets. In particular when I can sit in my own livingroom and watch them. I never get enough of photographing them either.

I just really liked this view of the moon going down on the sky that is not completely dark as the background .

I had to leave my lush and green neighbourhood in Bergen for my job in the mountains. Nothing green about the mountains in early to mid may.


 The snow has gone form the courtyard of the lodge and ice is rapidly melting from the lake.
 When I came there where lots of signs that winter is so much harsher and longer lasting in this part of the world. We are not that high. Only on 820 meters. I guess I was a bit surpsrised about all of these wintersigns as we have had no winter to speak of in the lowland this year.
 And there is so much nature to photograph.

I kept knitting my blanket. I kind of liked this combination of the colourful knitting on the colourful sofa.

At the end of the month nature is changing colour - also on 820 meters. Snow and ice is disappearing. I was just able to catch the last bit of ice on the lake on camera.

Some days even gives us a feel of summer in late May.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

17th of may

All flags up for Norway.
We are celebrating 17th of May. Constitution day. Always a big celebration, but special this year as it is the 200th jubilee. In 1814 this day marked the start of Norway as an independent nation.
Gratulerer med dagen!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May 14 - wednesday

It is May 14th. Wednesday - midweek. I am three days into my job as assistant to the manager at the mountain lodge. We are only open for coffee guests at the moment. There are many things to organize before we open for overninght stays in a few days.

It is a grey and wet morning in the mountains

Socks in sandals. Not for the fashion conscious, but I can only think about comfortable and clean at the moment. I am going to walk a lot for the next few hours.
Breakfast. We have two buses of toursits coming for waffles. One of the co-workers gave me this to try if they are allright. They where. I wonder what we would have done if they where not :)

 It is raining heavily as  they leave.

The rain disappeared and we saw a plane crossing over the mountains. It felt like contact With the outside world in many ways.

The signs of winter is evident, but the snow in the courtyard is fading fast.

 But the trees are still naked, but getting there. So far behind the lowland.

"Home" - or not.
Home when I am here, I guess.

Friday, 9 May 2014


This is where I will spend my summer. I will work here. I have worked here before. I took this photo then - in 2011. Now I am going back. Taking a step back hoping it will lead me forward. I need a change. I need something else to occupie me. Here it is.