Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The animals...

In the mountain lodge we have a lot of stuffed animals on display. They are all from the Norwegian fauna and are to be found in the mountains and the woods. Many of them I have never seen in real life - probably because I am from the coast and spend most of my time there. All the animals are numbered and we have a list that tells what animal it is. The are located all over the lodge. (There are a few different rooms here) It can be quite entertaining for people to guess what kind of animal it is or check the list and see if they can find them all.

There are a lot of different birds here. So many different kinds. The snow eagle below is one of my favourites. It is also the only one that is displayed behind glass. Probably would not be so nice and white if everybody could touch it.
The "chief" bird - The golden eagle. Being from the coast I have seen a lot of sea egles in my time, but never this kind.

  Lynx above. Bear and reindeer below.

He is the boss and he look it. Very popular guy this one.



Mrs. Fox - my favourite. I think this is a beautiful animal. This is just a few. We have so many more.  The bear below is the only one that doen't belong to the Norwegian fauna. He was caught by the owner of the lodge and we have granted him room, but not in a prominent position.

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