Saturday, 26 July 2014

A is for Aurland....

About twelve years ago,  I came to Aurland for the fist time. I had a short term job in the neighbouring village and I was just passing through Aurland mainly to see what it was like there. "Passing through" are the key words when it comes to my relationship with Aurland.
Aurland is a village situated deep in the majestic Sognefjord with about 2000 inhabitants. Even if I could see the beauty of it I remember thinking at the time; "How can anybody live here?"
Six months later I sat  on the pier in Aurland, looking out at the majestic fjord feeling happy and knowing that I would stay in the neighbouring village.
I had found love. I was happy. I felt I had come home.
I was still glad I didn't live in Aurland.

Seven years I spent in the village on the other side of the mountain. Seven good years. Aurland was a place I came to if I wanted some "air". I used to drive throug the tunnel just to get away for a bit. I used to come here if I wanted to shop in a  different supermarket. I could come here when I needed to be a stranger.

 How many times did we cross this mountain and stop at the viewpoint halfway up it or at the top to enjoy the majestic view of the fjord and the mountain ranges beyond? I often say that this is my favourite mountain in the world. It truly is. For all the joy it has given me.
I sat on this pier in the mid winter, watching the sun barely reaching the tops of the snowcapped mountians dying them purple and orange. I returned in spring when the sun again could reach down to fjord and the greyness  that the winter had left in the landscape would slowly become green again and turn in to summer. Then the place would be buzzing with tourists, boats, activities for a short while untill autumn came. The shaddows grew longer. The sun wuld again creep further up the mountain and we where back to normality.
This is where I sat when I first came to the area feeling sorry for the people who lived here and counting my blessings that I was here only for a short time. This is where I sat, only a few months later, filled to the brim wih love and happiness knowing I would stay. This is where I sat crying my eyes out when I knew we wouldn't make it and I had to leave it all behind.
This summer I have worked within the municipality. I haven't spent much time in the village itself. I have just passe through a couple of times. That is the relationship betweem Aurland and me. I pass through and still it has been such an important place to me.

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