Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July moments....

July was hot, long and hard.
Most of the time was spent at work in the mountains.
I am glad it is over.
Here are the moments:

We had a visit from a different era in early July. Car from 1937 driving around the mountain roads.

Early on in the month there where still time to hike. Later on in the month it became to hot and to much work to do.

An abandoned lodge higher up in beautiful surroundings..
Oh, these pleasant views...
These little moments that appear right before your eyes...


Most of the month has been hot and sunny. Nearly 30 degrees celcius in the Norwegian Mountains is is a lot, and it lasted for a long time. A bit to much for a  northener :).

Most of July I spent around the mountain lodge..

Still I got to enjoy the sunset  from my living room window in Bergen also.

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