Friday, 18 July 2014

Mountain life....

We all have our different reasons to seek the mountain.

Some are here for the peace and quiet that is around. They find it in their own little cabin far from everday huzzle and buzzle. Some are here to seek solitude and to be one with the nature. The further away from the familiar paths and into the wilderness they can get the better. Some  are satisfied with the easy paths and it frightenes them to get to far away from civilization. Some are just passing through on their way from one town to another. Some are here to work.

The mountains provides respite, beautiful views, work, exercise, challenges, danger and joy.

 The mountains have a  magnetic effect on people. It's the ever changing landscape and weather, the seasons, the wilderness, the solitude, this hunting instinct that so many Norwegians have, that calls. For the people born and bread in this kind of environment and close to the mountains ranges, I think the mountains must have the same effect as the big ocean has on an island girl turned city dweller. It is in you, and at times you feel you need it to get on with life.

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