Thursday, 14 August 2014

August 14 - Thusday

It is the 14th of August.
It is thursday.
Mountian life continues.
Can't wait to see the end of it.
Here is my day.

Good morning. It s not looking to bad.
I have the early shift at the lodge, and it is a quiet morning for a change.

We become busier as the day goes on.
This week we have really felt that there is a change of season underway. It is colder and nature seems to have gotten dull in preparation to change colours.

I am feeling tired at the moment and not very social. Spent the evening kntting my blanket in front of the telly.

I eve had a cup of tee. I rarely do, but tonight I did.

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  1. Love those stripes -- a blanket to look forward snuggling in this winter...