Sunday, 10 August 2014

B is for bridges..

Bridges - actual bridges that you can cross and that will get you from one place to another. Or mental ones that you can cross to get from one place to another. Or maybe you should burn them?
I grew up on an island and I can rememeber when the bridge to the mainland was opened. The feeling of freedom. We could cross it whenever we wanted to. No more ferry times to check or to fear loosing. I remeber watching the process of the bridge being built. One part extending ever a bit further from each end, untill they finally met and the islanders where allowed to walk across. This colossal of concrete and steele took us to the other side so easily. How great it was. 

In a few weeks I will cross a bridge, or perhaps burn it, I am not sure. The road here has been long and winding. A lot toing and froing has taken place. Now I am here where the two ends has met and I am going to walk across that bridge.
I hope that it will give me that feeling I had when I was twelve and walked across the bridge from my homeisland for the first time. The bridge I will cross now is not made of steel and concrete, it is more like the suspension bridge above - a bit wiggily when you step on to it.
  We'll see if it carries me.

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