Monday, 4 August 2014

The shoefactory

The shoefactory in Aurland is famous througout Norway. The factory is placed in a small, modest building in a backstreet in Aurland. The factory as a business was started in the 1930's, but it goes back as far as the 1800's when shoes where made for English lords who came to Aurland to fish salmon. At the most, 90 people has been employed with shoemaking in Aurland

The shoes they produce is the traditional penny loafer, known as Aurlandsskoen througout Norway. I remember having a pair of these shoes as a child.
It is possible to visit the factory and the outlet. They have really been able to renew themselves. Now you not only find the traditional shoe likethe one in the photos above, but you also find it in so many different colours and materials. I was quite impressed.

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