Thursday, 2 October 2014

D is for Doors....

In the photo above is the door of my local church. I run past it on one of the routes I take on my runs. I have often admired the rich and beautiful ornamentation of it.

We have just bought a new front door at the house in the country, and I was pondering the subject doors as I ran past the church door one day. There are so many things to think about when you buy a new door; size, should it have a window? how many? how big? do we need any ornamentation? what colour? The list goes on. I never knew there was so many things to think about!

In my previous career - in a different life I led - we once negotitated a contract with a doorfactory. I remember thinking at the time - doors!! - how boring!! But  how needed!

Doors take you out in to the world and they bring you back in to the safehaven of your own place. Then you have the metaphorical ones that opens and closes. They bring you out into the world or leave things behind. When you go through these ones you don't always know if you have gone outside or inside, or if you can turn and go back through it again if it turnes out to be to cold on the other side. But there is always a door leading somewhere.

How could I ever think that doors where boring!

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  1. Such a harmonious image -- this doorfront is beautiful and the simple yet rich neutral tones are so soothing, yet strong. . .