Sunday, 19 October 2014

E is for Ergo...

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Autumn in the park - October 2011


 Ergo - this latin word that has crept into the vocabulary. I have never learnt latin so I had to look it up in a dictionary to find out the true meaning of the word. According to my Oxford Dictionary it meens something as simple as therefore.

Lately there has been a lot of thinking going on in my head. As a result, this sentence from my philosopy course when I first started university came into my mind:
 Cogito ergo sum- I think, therefore I am.

So this word ergo lingered in my mind, because I use it in my daily speech without ever having thought about what it really means or where it came from. And I am not the only one. It is a part of our language. And I actually found out that we use it correctly.

Ergo - a little word, that made me ponder its true meaning and origin, ergo it deserves it own little blogpost.

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