Saturday, 29 November 2014

H is for Home...


Certain letters has made the alphabethblogging quite hard, others easy. When it comes to the letter H, I have had a lot of options in mind. In the end I have landed on this little word "home". It concerns everybody in one way or another.

I write this as I  sit in the livingroom in the house where I grew up, with three children sleeping in the bedrooms on the first floor. This was once my home, and although I don't live in this house anymore, it will alway represent "home". I behave as if I am at home when I am here I've realised, and so does the children, even if it has never been their "home". Home is a place to chill, feel secure, relax, decide how you want things to be in every sense. Whereever I have been over the years, I have always had this home to return to and not least the location of it. My roots are here, even if I have other homes as well.

It is a blessing to have such a place. Home.

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