Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I is for I....

The hardest thing I do on this blog is to write about myself.
I mean  - I could write about anything in the world. I could write about my political views, religion, environmetal issues - big, important things. But this was never meant to be that kind of a blog.
This is a blog for the little things in this little life I lead. Most posts here involves me in one way or another, and I judge what to post here and not.  I like having this little room to myself, but sometimes I think what's the point?
Posting about my little life!
Who do I think I am?
I have probably lived around half my life now. (By normal standards)
I  feel like a little child at times, and at other times like I have seen all the things there is to see in this world.
I have had dreams shattered and I have other dreams alive and kicking.
That means I have things to look forward too, I guess.
Small things definitly, perhaps even big things :)
I'll continue for now.
 (To keep the blog, I mean)
(And living ;))


  1. Oh, I sympathize. It feels uncomfortable, superficial, narcissistic, all those things, to write about our little lives. But really, the small everyday details -- the quotidian domestic -- is what grounds all the supposedly more important, bigger issues, no? I think much gets revealed, in the end, about what we think about those other aspects of life, through our focus on the little things in our little lives. I'm glad you'll continue. . .

    1. You're right. In the end the small things matters and reflects the bigger issues in the end.