Friday, 19 December 2014

J is for jul...

Some Christmas knick-knack on my shelf.

Jul is the Norwegian word for christmas.
It is my favourite time of the year. Not so much christmas itself, but the pre-christmas time in particular. I like the madness combined with goodness of this time. All the crazy lighting we put up, all the decorations, all the christmas carols, the festivities and I just love when I hear: "It's christmas time" as an excuse or explanation when something a bit unappropriate is done.

The best days of the year is those between christmas and the new year, I find. The formalities of  the christmas celebration is done. It is still holiday. I always start to anticipate the new year during these days and think that the next one is going to be the best year ever.

Still I have a few days left before christmas is here. And I will enjoy them. I will look at all the crazy lightning that is around and all the decorations. I will appreciate people in santa hats and socks with bells on. Only happens once a year.

God jul!

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  1. I love this attitude! It's how I try to feel, enjoying the anticipation and the festivity of the pre-Christmas (pre-Yule?) time, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the need to prepare for one single day. . .