Saturday, 27 December 2014

The year in review - 2014....

Went walking along my favourite coast  in January. We even had some snow last winter. Obviously not as mild as I remember it.

The trees in the pak are naked and dark in February, but in March spring was in the air and it was nice to go for a walk along the old warf in town.

Untill April, I still took my lunch in this lunchroom.

Spring was definitley in the air and we could have an easter barbecue outdoors.

Then May came and I went to spend the summer in the mountains, where winter was still clinging on to life.

In May, we celebrated two-hundred years of Nrwegian constitution..

Eventually the summer also came to the moutains...

I am so glad I got to spend some time in the city as well, so I could enjoy the summernight sunset.

The Mountains also have their pros...

The Sognefjord and the area around it has put a mark on my soul that it will be difficult to erase....

It felt good to leave the mountains in September. And it was strange to become a student again.

This is the landscape I will always return to....

I am on my third job of the year and I have been trying to combine it with studentlife.

Christmas is here again and the end of yet another year..

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