Friday, 30 January 2015

January moments.....

First month of the year.
New work place, otherwise much of the same old stuff
It has been stormy, wet, white, cold
But gradually more hours of daylight

January is a dark month. We particularly notice when we take away all the Christmas lights.

 January is often a stormy month, as it was this year. Still, also time for sunny, frosty weather.


On a calender from 2014 I found a photo from the village where I grew up..

I started to work in a new school.

A walk by the fjord....

And birthday month in the family....

Monday, 26 January 2015

O is for Objects.....

In January we have three birthdays in the family and that comes just after Christmas. They are the occasions for giving gifts which is all well and good, but the problem I find is what to give? We all have so much stuff.
We are the priviliged ones living in one of the richest, most peaceful countries in the world. That means that we, adults and children, have EVERYTHING (material goods, that is). Coming up to Christmas I was asked what I wanted for Christmas and I couldn't come up with a thing. "Buy me something I can eat, drink or burn," I said. There was not a single thing I needed and if I need something I go out and buy it. The same goes for children and other family members.
This week, as I was prepairing for birthday number two of the month, I caught myself walking around a shopping centre trying to find something to give to an eight year old for her birthday and it was a real struggle to come up with something meaningful (or not so meanigful for that matter) that she doesn't already have. There are so many silly things you can buy to children. How many fury, battery driven creatures that can eat, sleep, snore, talk, walk, change colour and heaven knows what else they can do, does she need?  How many barbiedolls or paymobile figure, and whatever else?None, I guess.
I came home and strated to look around. We have so many things! Clutter!
I am really happy that I have this huge privilige of being born and raised in a wealthy country at the top of the world that nobody cares much about. A hundred years ago the situation was completely different, but I just wonder as we "wallow in our wealth": Where will it end and have we lost something on our way?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Silent Sunday...

The village on the island in the blue light on a January afternoon...

Monday, 19 January 2015

N is for Now...

 On my list of plans for the year it says: Stop thinking so much about failure and achievement or not, and rather find joy in what is here and now.

It is not easy for a worrier like me, but I try.

After weeks of storms, rain, thunder, snow and what ever else there is of bad weather we had a really nice Sunday. For the first time this year it was possible to go out without being soaked or blown of the road. We went for a walk down to the fjord. Still, the days are pretty short and we had to hurry to get it done before darkness set in. I had spent the day thinking about work next week and what will happen in the Autumn. When we went out I decided to concentrate on the here and now.

I tried to feel the cold, crisp air that was not moving in any way. I tried to take in the village. The smell of a logfire. Childrens laughter and play somewhere. A dog barking. The houses -  some in darkness appearing to be abandoned, but gradually more and more lights where turned on proving there where people there. A chat with a neighbour, also out enjoying the afternoon. Looking at the fjord that in that present moment lay like a mirror. And enjoying the bluelight, this hour between sunset and complete darkness that we only see in the wintertime on a clear day.

It was all good! Here and now!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

M is for Making it through...

......the storm in this case.

The extremeweather Nina stopped by yesterday. (We like to name that kind of weather over here). She turned out to be a fiery woman. She let us know that she was coming a few days in advance, so we had time to prepare. It is not as if such weather is unfamiliar to us, but even if we have a lot of storms it is not that often they are quite so strong.

She has calmed down now even if it is still windy. At least it is possible to go out today. Nina brought down a few trees, some sheds and there are things lying around everywhere. All in all not to bad. No limbs lost.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The year in books..

The first book read this year is Ian Rankins "Dead souls".  It is quite an old novel, released in 1999. I found it in a flee market last year and brought it with me to the mountains last summer, thinking I needed something easy in the mountains. I never read it when I was there. I took it out again now over Christmas and the New Year holiday, again thinking I needed something easy.

I bought it because I love crime novels. I find it easy to get into the story and you kind of just" go with the flow" through the book. I also love Ian Rankin. He is a Scottisch Author who bases his crime novels in Edinburgh, which is one of my favourite cities. I love to follow somebody around a place. In particular when you have an idea where he is going. As so many crime writer, Rankin also has an inspector that solves the mysteries in his books: Inspector Rebus. I quite like that. I feel that I get to know this character in a way. Like so many crimenovels, it is a rather sombre setting in this book. But still I had an enjoyable time with Inspector Rebus.

Monday, 5 January 2015

L is for Learning......

From the Archives 2011: I was on an excursion as I was taking a course in landscaping when I wrote my masterthesis. It is so different from what I do now and from what I did before the master. Photo: Ø.Y.
 I came to think about this topic for the letter L in my alpabetblogging as I am prepairing to write a report about some children I have been teaching Norwegian this last autumn. The government have standards that I follow as I write this report and the answer to most of the question in the guide given by them  where no. This autumn the children attended school for the first time ever. By normal standards they should have had several years behind them at school by now. They have had to adjust to a different language, a different country, a different culture, a different climate, attending school on a regular basic. So many dramatic changes in their young lives.  There is no column for it in the report, but if I could I would like to write a big YES. They have are doing really well and have come such a long way in such a short time.
BUT the one who has learned the most this autumn is me. Imagine that I should sit on meetings with school leaders and now lately the leaders of the local authorities and fight for their rights. Integration is a challenge, and we are by no meens successful in this case. It is far to early to say. But I have learned so much about how we approach this issue in schools and authorities.  Enough said!
You learn as long as you live, it is definitely true!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year..

2015 - what will it bring?
I will go out and grasp it with both hands.
Happy New year!