Monday, 5 January 2015

L is for Learning......

From the Archives 2011: I was on an excursion as I was taking a course in landscaping when I wrote my masterthesis. It is so different from what I do now and from what I did before the master. Photo: Ø.Y.
 I came to think about this topic for the letter L in my alpabetblogging as I am prepairing to write a report about some children I have been teaching Norwegian this last autumn. The government have standards that I follow as I write this report and the answer to most of the question in the guide given by them  where no. This autumn the children attended school for the first time ever. By normal standards they should have had several years behind them at school by now. They have had to adjust to a different language, a different country, a different culture, a different climate, attending school on a regular basic. So many dramatic changes in their young lives.  There is no column for it in the report, but if I could I would like to write a big YES. They have are doing really well and have come such a long way in such a short time.
BUT the one who has learned the most this autumn is me. Imagine that I should sit on meetings with school leaders and now lately the leaders of the local authorities and fight for their rights. Integration is a challenge, and we are by no meens successful in this case. It is far to early to say. But I have learned so much about how we approach this issue in schools and authorities.  Enough said!
You learn as long as you live, it is definitely true!

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  1. Good for you -- wish more people had this attitude. Those students were lucky to have you teaching them.