Monday, 19 January 2015

N is for Now...

 On my list of plans for the year it says: Stop thinking so much about failure and achievement or not, and rather find joy in what is here and now.

It is not easy for a worrier like me, but I try.

After weeks of storms, rain, thunder, snow and what ever else there is of bad weather we had a really nice Sunday. For the first time this year it was possible to go out without being soaked or blown of the road. We went for a walk down to the fjord. Still, the days are pretty short and we had to hurry to get it done before darkness set in. I had spent the day thinking about work next week and what will happen in the Autumn. When we went out I decided to concentrate on the here and now.

I tried to feel the cold, crisp air that was not moving in any way. I tried to take in the village. The smell of a logfire. Childrens laughter and play somewhere. A dog barking. The houses -  some in darkness appearing to be abandoned, but gradually more and more lights where turned on proving there where people there. A chat with a neighbour, also out enjoying the afternoon. Looking at the fjord that in that present moment lay like a mirror. And enjoying the bluelight, this hour between sunset and complete darkness that we only see in the wintertime on a clear day.

It was all good! Here and now!

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