Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The year in books..

The first book read this year is Ian Rankins "Dead souls".  It is quite an old novel, released in 1999. I found it in a flee market last year and brought it with me to the mountains last summer, thinking I needed something easy in the mountains. I never read it when I was there. I took it out again now over Christmas and the New Year holiday, again thinking I needed something easy.

I bought it because I love crime novels. I find it easy to get into the story and you kind of just" go with the flow" through the book. I also love Ian Rankin. He is a Scottisch Author who bases his crime novels in Edinburgh, which is one of my favourite cities. I love to follow somebody around a place. In particular when you have an idea where he is going. As so many crime writer, Rankin also has an inspector that solves the mysteries in his books: Inspector Rebus. I quite like that. I feel that I get to know this character in a way. Like so many crimenovels, it is a rather sombre setting in this book. But still I had an enjoyable time with Inspector Rebus.

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