Friday, 27 February 2015

February moments...

February - the shortest month of the year, yet it seemed to last forever.....
It has been cold and grey, as is to be expected in this corner of the world in February.
Still, I am longing for spring....

The above photo sums up how I have felt this month. "Everything" has felt rather grey.
A lot of snow early in the month. Then frost and ice.

Trying to cheer up with a colourful tablecloth in the kitchen.
Winter also has it goods point.

There where glimpses of blue sky......

.....even if I feel like I have been walking on ice under grey skies for ever and ever.

Bergen by night is always Nice, though....


Sunday, 22 February 2015

S is for Sun...

I managed to catch the three minutes of sun we had today on camera :)
I am desperate for some sun at the moment. And I want it to stay for more than three minutes and  the temperature to rise above two degrees celsius...
I have gotten to this stage of the winter when I just can't wait for it to end. All this snow, ice, frost, wind, rain, hale - it is just getting the better of me at the moment.
It is approaching the end of February and  I think - Ok, spring is around the corner. I think of the winter last year when we actually didn't have a winter, but rather a long autumn or early spring, whatever you want to call it.
This is actually normality.
And I am a northener, made for these conditions!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

R is for Random...

I don't have the energy to think of a topic for the letter R or any other topic to blog about at the moment, so I have decided to do a random selection of the photos I have posted for the past year and a half. Hopefully it will lift my spirit.

Here we go:

A memory of Barcelona and Spain..


Bergen in the bluelight on a wintersday...

Memories of a trip to the monuntains and of the village that marked me for eternity....

And the majestic fjord....

Memories of Venice and yet more mountains and not least spring and summer..

And the best Place.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Throwback Thursday

This is me. I am nine years old in the photo above. There are certain things I can still recognise; the red hair, the round face, the freckles. I hated them, probably already at the time and all through my adolescent. They are still with me and I have accepted them as a part of me.

It is a school photo. I remember the day it was taken. The excitement of a photographer coming to school. It was summertime and the schoolholidays where not to far off. Sunny days as far as one could see. It is so many years ago, still the memory is so vivid. I probably didn't reflect to much about  the future at the time. Still, if I ever cast a thought forward I would probably think of my self at 42 as stone old. Did I think about what my life would be like at this stage when I was nine? Probably not. And if I did, I am sure I thought there where paths to follow that would be easy to walk. Not quite the reality of life, as many of us experience.

I like this photo. I remeber how big I felt. My birtday was just coming up. Another school year was reaching its end. But I look so small in it.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Q is for Qi...

From the Archives: Sunset on the islands October 2014.
I few years ago I took a class in Tai Chi - a Chinese martial art  making slow movements with your body. This was the fist time I came across the term qi. I never quite got the hold of what it was, but I did understand that it was a feeling you would get where you felt as one with the universe and yourself. During the classes I was more concerned about the movements and getting them done correctly. I probably didn't practise long enough to find qi, but the term has stayed with me.
I had a look in my dictionary to see what the definition of the word is. There where two: one was quite plainly air or breath, the other was the circulating life force.
The circulating life force for me is the everyday living. But I  need to stop at times. To have a look at the sunset, like in the photo above. Or sunrise for that matter. Or feel the wind, the rain, see the seasons change. It has a lot to do with nature, I realise. But also work, family, laughter.
When I have those things I can Breathe.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

P is for Phew!.....

Last week we had a huge snowfall in Bergen. It was not the light, fluffy kind of snow, but rather the wet, heavy type that won't stay on the ground on the coast. But it certainly stayed in the city. It snowed for two days and subsequently the temprature fell below zero and the sun came out. Everything has its pros and cons, I guess. Now we have beautiful cold, sunny weather and icy roads.

Getting around the neighbourghood is a real struggle at the moment.

These are a necessitiy when moving outdoors at the moment.

All the pavements and sideroads are covered in ice.

It will propably get worse before it gets better, as milder weather is forecast for the weekend.