Friday, 27 February 2015

February moments...

February - the shortest month of the year, yet it seemed to last forever.....
It has been cold and grey, as is to be expected in this corner of the world in February.
Still, I am longing for spring....

The above photo sums up how I have felt this month. "Everything" has felt rather grey.
A lot of snow early in the month. Then frost and ice.

Trying to cheer up with a colourful tablecloth in the kitchen.
Winter also has it goods point.

There where glimpses of blue sky......

.....even if I feel like I have been walking on ice under grey skies for ever and ever.

Bergen by night is always Nice, though....



  1. So glad February is almost over . . . it's grey here as well, although we haven't had any snow.

    1. Can't wait for spring to arrive. Have a good weekend.