Monday, 9 February 2015

Q is for Qi...

From the Archives: Sunset on the islands October 2014.
I few years ago I took a class in Tai Chi - a Chinese martial art  making slow movements with your body. This was the fist time I came across the term qi. I never quite got the hold of what it was, but I did understand that it was a feeling you would get where you felt as one with the universe and yourself. During the classes I was more concerned about the movements and getting them done correctly. I probably didn't practise long enough to find qi, but the term has stayed with me.
I had a look in my dictionary to see what the definition of the word is. There where two: one was quite plainly air or breath, the other was the circulating life force.
The circulating life force for me is the everyday living. But I  need to stop at times. To have a look at the sunset, like in the photo above. Or sunrise for that matter. Or feel the wind, the rain, see the seasons change. It has a lot to do with nature, I realise. But also work, family, laughter.
When I have those things I can Breathe.

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