Thursday, 12 February 2015

Throwback Thursday

This is me. I am nine years old in the photo above. There are certain things I can still recognise; the red hair, the round face, the freckles. I hated them, probably already at the time and all through my adolescent. They are still with me and I have accepted them as a part of me.

It is a school photo. I remember the day it was taken. The excitement of a photographer coming to school. It was summertime and the schoolholidays where not to far off. Sunny days as far as one could see. It is so many years ago, still the memory is so vivid. I probably didn't reflect to much about  the future at the time. Still, if I ever cast a thought forward I would probably think of my self at 42 as stone old. Did I think about what my life would be like at this stage when I was nine? Probably not. And if I did, I am sure I thought there where paths to follow that would be easy to walk. Not quite the reality of life, as many of us experience.

I like this photo. I remeber how big I felt. My birtday was just coming up. Another school year was reaching its end. But I look so small in it.

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