Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The year in books III.....

I am quite pleased with the fact that we are three and a half months into the year and I am currently on my third book of the year.

At the moment I am reading  Sara by the Norwegian author Toril Brekke.
I came across this book in an exchange box (you put a book in and take one out) when I was in the mountains last summer. I have heard of the writer, but never read anything by her before.
This is an historic novel set on the west-coast of Norway around year 1850. It is about Sara, who goes her own ways and doesn't follow the wishes and demands of family and society when choosing how to live her life.
I am not particularly keen on historic fiction, but as I am myself grown up in a similar environment as the setting in this book I decided to give it a go. Even with the time gap between my life and Saras, there are things in the mentality described that I can recognise. That is probably the thing that will pull me through. I have read about a third of it at the moment. I am not overwhelmed, but it is ok.

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