Tuesday, 21 April 2015

X is for Xenolith........

Lava rocks from Iceland

The rocks in the photo above are lava rocks from Iceland. (They are not xenoliths, but they are quite rare in Norway so I steal the term and widen the definition for a minute)  I found them the other day when I was clearing out a drawer. I brought them back from Iceland seven years ago when I worked there for three months. I was so sick of lava when I left Iceland. I was so sick of Iceland.

My life was at a turning point in the spring of 2008. I knew I had to leave the one I loved. It involved leaving my job and the village I had made my life in. I didn't know what to do or if I really wanted to do it - I just knew that it would happen. I needed to get my head around it all and I decided to take a job in Iceland for three months.  It was not really a good idea. The job was awful - I knew that before I went there, but I thought I would stick it out for three months. Iceland was beautiful but boring, in my mind. Of course there was nothing wrong with Iceland, only with my life back home that I had run away from.

The other day, when I found the rocks I started to think: Was it really that bad in Iceland? So I got all the photos out. Of course I took about a million photos during my three months in Iceland. I now know that I was at the time the xenolith on Icelandic soil. There is nothing wrong with Iceland. It is a beautiful Place and  probably not boring at all. I will share a few of the million photos I have of it all.



  1. Oh My! Those are stunning photos of a demanding kind of beauty, exhilarating, a bit intimidating perhaps. So beautiful

  2. Stunningly beautiful. Some of those places are so difficult to get too. That in itself can be quite intimidating, I found.