Saturday, 30 May 2015

May moments.....

The smell of freshly mowed gras
everlasting daylight..
Nature prevails..

I keep strolling around the streets of Bergen.
...and I am back walking on the coast. Have done far to little of that this year.
Sea thrifths are coming along nicely.
Early morning light in the city flat reflected through the neighbours windows.


She lies on the floor watching childrens TV whilst eating her Saturday ration of sweets.

The best thing about May. Green grass, wildflowers and sun.
We have celebrated our natinal day.

We can now enjoy the evening on the balcony even if we need blankets to keep warm.

Change of wardrobe time. I have taken out my three-year old kaki jacket. It will have to do for yet another season.
Why am I always the last one to leave the office?

I finished knitting a cardigan, and it fitted me. Not bad!

A typical saturday afternoon in the country. Pancakes, jam ad coffee.

I started knitting this blanket last summer when I was in the mountains. Now I have moved it to the country. Hope to finish it this summer.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


All through this winter and spring I have spent most of my time in the city. I live in the city, so it is not so strange, but I love the coast and Bergen is so near the coast. I have been to busy with life and work to actually go out and enjoy the nearby coastline.

With spring, and now with the just about round-the-clock daylight, I came to miss the coast and the island where I come from. In fact, I have missed it to the extent of thinking I have to move out of the city! (As you do, now and again) I missed the wind, the fjord, the ocean, the islands, the open spaces. With a couple of long weekends now in May, I had the opportunity and took it.

Here are a couple of photos from my walks on the coast over the past week.

Monday, 18 May 2015


It is one of those wonders of life that each May, flowers" suddenly" are everywhere to be found. "Suddenly" is the key word here. I look at the buds in March, but every year I have the same excitement when I find the flowers. Sometimes they are just suddenly there without us having done much for it. I took a tour of the country garden today. It is now rich with flowers on the fruittrees and rhododendron, but also some tulips and other flowers from last year.

Monday, 11 May 2015


The photo above shows my greatgrandmother and greatgrandfather. This is their wedding photo from 1912. She is kronebrud - crownbride - she wears a crown with her national costume. It is an old tradition that is still around, but not that common. I have inherited one of the broches she is wearing and I now wear it with my national costume.

Around 1900 a lot of people emigrated from Norway to America. My greatgranddad was one of those. I did a quick search in the archives that is now available online. It took me all of 30 seconds to find him. In the records he states his reasons for leaving,  as being in search of a better income. He gives his occupation as being a builder in Norway, but he is seeking work as a railroadworker in the United States. And he says that he is going to Montana. I find the fact that he emigrated fascinating. I find it even more fascinating that he returned to Norway in 1910. I am so glad he did. Imagine what the story would have been like if he hadn't! I would love to know more about his life in America.
The photo below is taken of them around 1960. I remember her vividly, him not so much.

My greatgrandmother and greatgrandfather had thirtheen children. They all lived up. That was not very common at the time. Their second child was my grandmother - she has been so important to me in my life. She still is even if she has been gone for many years.

The photos above is of my grandmother and my grandmother with two of her sisters. The house in the background is the one she built with my grandfather in 1937 and where she lived for the rest of her life. The photo must be from around that time. It looks like the house is not quite finished. The scaffolding is still up and it looks like the roof is not quite done.

I include the photo above because I just love it. My granddad is the bloke number three from the left on the backrow in the blacksuit. I recognise three of the others. The two beside him far out on the left and the one far to the right. They are his brothers. The photo is probably from around 1930 or the early 1930s. I love the grammophone on the bench. Wonder what they where listening to?

Back to my grandmother. Above you can see her with my aunt who is born in 1939. The second world war must have come to Norway when this photo was taken. Below are the two of them about twenty years later with my greatgrandmother, the crownbride in the first photo, and my cousin born in 1961. You can just feel the bloodline. I feel so connected to them all. There are so many similarities in the faces we have around us now. There are so many stories that are so deeply rooted in me and us, that comes to life when I look at these old photos.
I will keep taking photos forever.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Z is for Zeal....

Flowers for the country garden...
I am not a great gardener, but at the moment I am feeling a kind of enthusiasm for gardening. In the city flat, where I spend most of the time at the moment, I only have a balcony and I have never bothered much about growing anything there. Basically because when I worked in the tourist industry I was away so much in the summertime, and it made it difficult to follow up.

Seeds for the city balcony. I bought them online, and hoped for a bit more colourful packaging.

No I have bought seeds to plant on the balcony. And some cactuses for indoors. Can't wait for it to grow. Just hope it does. And hope it doesn't take as long the orchid below. I planted it in September 2013, and it has stayed just about the same ever since. I knew it would take a long time, but I hoped for some more results after 18 months. My patience is wearing thin.

An orchid I am hoping will bloom at some point.. I planted it about 18 months ago and it has looked just about like this ever since.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Y is for yo-yo...

A workingday spent in the Woods - a good thing.
 Life is a like a yo-yo at times, for everybody I guess. On my part in particular over the past few years. A few years ago I had to make a major change in life that I thought long and hard about, and which involved me wanting to change my career. I went back to university and studied for a masters degree. I knew it would not be easy to get a relevant job, and so far it has proved impossible. For a while I tried to go back to my old career, just in a different field. It was not very succesful. Most of all because I got a job where I could spend days at my desk with nothing meaningful to do. At this point I realised that I need to have a job where there is actually something to do. There where one last option on my list. The one thing I did not want to do at all, but I knew I could get a job there. I could work as a teacher. There are plenty of teachingjobs going in this country, it just has never appealed to me.
Reasonable office space - thumbs up
 So - for the past year I have been working as a teacher. That has certainly been a yo-yo existence. There have been moments when I have totally despaired and thought to myself: - have I spent five years in University for this? There have been times when I have felt proud of my students when I can see their joy in having achieved someting. There have been times when I have not had a clue  how to resolve issues in the classroom. There have been times when it for some reason has appeared meaningful to do the job.  And there have been times when I have just totally and utterly despaired over the responsibility, workload etc. The list goes on.
Another working day spent by the sea- definetly a plus point.
As said, being a teacher is not my dream job.  I always knew that there where aspects of that job that would not suit me. And it is perhaps some of the most important aspects of teaching where I fall short, I feel. 
It has it's good points, being a teacher. The pay is fairly good.  We have all the major holidays off. No evening office hours. Within certain boundries I am free to approach it how I want to. AND it is important to remember (at least for me at the moment): I have a job....
Still - I have to take stock.
I want to learn something from the fact that my inner knowledge has always told me that being a teacher is not for me. Listen, girl...Perhaps I can transfer that to other sides of life.
Perhaps I will feel better about it. Perhaps I will begin to enjoy it more.
Perhaps another oppotunity will arise......:):)