Saturday, 30 May 2015

May moments.....

The smell of freshly mowed gras
everlasting daylight..
Nature prevails..

I keep strolling around the streets of Bergen.
...and I am back walking on the coast. Have done far to little of that this year.
Sea thrifths are coming along nicely.
Early morning light in the city flat reflected through the neighbours windows.


She lies on the floor watching childrens TV whilst eating her Saturday ration of sweets.

The best thing about May. Green grass, wildflowers and sun.
We have celebrated our natinal day.

We can now enjoy the evening on the balcony even if we need blankets to keep warm.

Change of wardrobe time. I have taken out my three-year old kaki jacket. It will have to do for yet another season.
Why am I always the last one to leave the office?

I finished knitting a cardigan, and it fitted me. Not bad!

A typical saturday afternoon in the country. Pancakes, jam ad coffee.

I started knitting this blanket last summer when I was in the mountains. Now I have moved it to the country. Hope to finish it this summer.

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