Friday, 1 May 2015

Y is for yo-yo...

A workingday spent in the Woods - a good thing.
 Life is a like a yo-yo at times, for everybody I guess. On my part in particular over the past few years. A few years ago I had to make a major change in life that I thought long and hard about, and which involved me wanting to change my career. I went back to university and studied for a masters degree. I knew it would not be easy to get a relevant job, and so far it has proved impossible. For a while I tried to go back to my old career, just in a different field. It was not very succesful. Most of all because I got a job where I could spend days at my desk with nothing meaningful to do. At this point I realised that I need to have a job where there is actually something to do. There where one last option on my list. The one thing I did not want to do at all, but I knew I could get a job there. I could work as a teacher. There are plenty of teachingjobs going in this country, it just has never appealed to me.
Reasonable office space - thumbs up
 So - for the past year I have been working as a teacher. That has certainly been a yo-yo existence. There have been moments when I have totally despaired and thought to myself: - have I spent five years in University for this? There have been times when I have felt proud of my students when I can see their joy in having achieved someting. There have been times when I have not had a clue  how to resolve issues in the classroom. There have been times when it for some reason has appeared meaningful to do the job.  And there have been times when I have just totally and utterly despaired over the responsibility, workload etc. The list goes on.
Another working day spent by the sea- definetly a plus point.
As said, being a teacher is not my dream job.  I always knew that there where aspects of that job that would not suit me. And it is perhaps some of the most important aspects of teaching where I fall short, I feel. 
It has it's good points, being a teacher. The pay is fairly good.  We have all the major holidays off. No evening office hours. Within certain boundries I am free to approach it how I want to. AND it is important to remember (at least for me at the moment): I have a job....
Still - I have to take stock.
I want to learn something from the fact that my inner knowledge has always told me that being a teacher is not for me. Listen, girl...Perhaps I can transfer that to other sides of life.
Perhaps I will feel better about it. Perhaps I will begin to enjoy it more.
Perhaps another oppotunity will arise......:):)

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