Tuesday, 23 June 2015


I had my last working day before a seven week holiday today. After having worked in the tourist industry for 15 years, it is very surreal to think that I am going to have all that time off in the middle of the tourist season.

St. Hans fire in the village 2014, not taken by me as I was in the Mountains.     (Photo: V. GR.)

It is also St.Hans today, or Jonsok (depending on what language you speak). It is our midsummer celebration. From the old times a christian riual, that turned into a pagan ritual in the 1700s that we still practice. All over the contry we have fires like in the photo above and people in the neighbourhood will gather nearby. Some places they have music and dance. Other places, like in the village, they have a fishing competition. Some other places only the fire. Historically the fire was burnt to keep wiches away, as wiches where believed to be particularly active on midsummernight.

Another superstition connected to midsummer night that actually I have actually practised myself as a girl is to pick seven different wild flowers on midsummernight and sleep with them underneith your pillow and you dream of your future husband.

Nice way to see in my holiday....


  1. Interesting traditions you share -- we would be very nervous of such a large fire here right now as conditions are extremely dry and firefighters have only just subdued a 7-hectare forest fire nearby. What a marvelous long span seven weeks is in the summer -- enjoy!

    1. Thank you... This year has been so wet that it is ok to have the fire, but that is certainly not the case every year. And we try to have the celebration near water and as far from vegtation as we can....