Thursday, 16 July 2015


For the past few years I have lived in jeans. I feel that I never wear anything else nowadays. When I changed my career about five years ago, I gradually moved into jeans. I wore them before also, but only in my leisure time. I think that was partly to do with the fact that when I grew up, jeans where regarded as "work clothes". You wore it when you where out doing manual work, and it was not for women over a certain age. I am glad that has changed! I used to be the uniform, suit, black and white person. No my uniform is jeans.  But I look for "nice" jeans, that you can dress up. Sometimes I am letting myself go, though, and earlier this week I bought these ripped jeans with embroidery. I am sure I will wear them to work. What a change!

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  1. That's cool stitching. I saw a post somewhere this week on "Sashiko" and thought I'd like to try some stitching on an old pair of jeans -- or maybe buy a pair of children's jeans and try it on them, for my granddaughter.