Monday, 31 August 2015

August moments...

End of summer..
Back at work.
Busy and tiresome...

I am still on holiday as the mont starts. Had some nice days on the coast.

Fresh raspberries from the country garden in the smoothie.

I managed to finish a cardigan I have knitted over the summer.

In august we have seen the best summerweather we saw this summer. I was tempted to put my toes in the water.

Still - the evenings are now so dark that I am also tempted to light candles in the evenings.

I have waited two years for this orchid to bloom again.

Transition time is coming up - get the slippers ready.

 Back a work..
Got one last sunset out of it.....
...and the Philharmonics rehearsel ahead of their open air summer concert.


  1. Lots going on at transition time -- no wonder the French call it "la rentrée"!
    I love that sweater combination of grey garter stitch and those buttons -- is the yarn a tweed or a marl or is that just the photo? Love it!
    And that orchid! Just beautiful.

    1. I was really lucky to find buttons that matched the yarn perfectly. I have mixed to shades of thin alpaca - black and dark grey. I love the way it turned out.