Saturday, 8 August 2015


I stopped to take this photo on my run.

This morning I felt like a run. I looked up at the sky. It had blue patches, white clouds and darker clouds. Still - I decided to go without raincoverage. Rain has been the big topic around here this summer. It was around 9 o'clock and I decided to take the route around the lake nearby. It was a quiet morning. Weekend mode. A woman crossed the street in front of me on her way to the busstop. I met a father pushing a pram. A grandmother had found a place near the lake with a thermos and two toddlers playing around her. I met two other joggers both dressed for rain. This has been the coldest, wettest summer for a long time around here and we are all talking about it. It is green and lush evreywhere around me. I pass by an old man who is painting his garden fence and I think - that looks promising - probably no rain forecast. I go on to think how lucky I am. Everything around me is peaceful and quiet. I don't feel threathened in any way. I can feel, believe, think and basically say what I want. I can go home and take a long hot shower with no restrictions. And I can drink as much water as I like straight from the tap without getting ill. We are so lucky to have problems like rain falling from the sky all summer long.

Happy weekend to all.

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  1. Yours is a very good attitude! We can generally count on ample rain, here on the edge of the Pacific Northwest rainforest, but this summer there has been so little that our trees are threatened, our gardens are dry, we've had serious forest fires, and now the fisheries are shutting down and there are huge concerns over the ability of the salmon to get up their rivers and streams to spawn. How I miss the rain that we were foolish enough to complain about in the past!