Sunday, 16 August 2015


From the archives 2011.
 I am back at work. The project of teaching immigrants will continue for the rest of the year at least, but it will stop at some point. And I am thinking - what then? What will I do?  I am not a teacher by trade, and I have been thinking that I maybe would like to do something else. The world seems so full of opportunities. (But  I am not sure that it is.)

My thoughts are spinning and I am thinking: maybe I could work in a different part of the country, maybe I could go and work abroad. Maybe I could just travel. Exciting! but one thing returned to me - and that was the things that I would miss around here where my nest is. People, lanscapes, houses.

I thought about people that I know who live far away and it is years between each time they see their relatives. Could that be me?

I thought about myself at 19,when I left this country and wowed never to return to live, but eventually did so. It is something about this place and these people and this landscape. My nest! I don't think I thought twice about what I left behind at the time I left it. So maybe it is just age that creates these thoughts.

From 2011: She is so much bigger now :).

I haven't really taken a lot of photographs lately, so I flicked through my archives to see if I could find something to illustrate my nest. I chose these three from 2011/12 that to me illustrates home, people and community. I'd miss that if I left, but there are other things to see and experience elsewhere also. And other people to meet. But my nest is here! And I might just stay forever and ever and ever. Or rebuild the nest somewhere else?  Now, that is another thought!!

Sharing a meal in the nest.


  1. We've been anticipating one more big move in our lives -- well, not such a distance, but to a rather different lifestyle -- city condo vs. seashore cottage. . . Part of me knows that the move is best embraced while we still have years enough to build a new home we can love, but part of me resists the wrenching. . .

    1. It is these changes. They can be so hard to get the head around. I try to say to myself that - just maybe - it will turn out good :).