Monday, 24 August 2015


Sunset at 9.30 pm after a glorious late summer day.

The past week has seen the best summer weather we have had all summer. Still there is this distinct feeling that summer is passing. For starters - the calender shows it. Schoolholidays are over and I am back at work. It is now dark when I go to bed. I can still see the sunset from the livingroom window, but so much earlier in the evening. And if you look carefully - nature is changing colour, but slowly. I am so glad we got this week of warm weather and sun. I find August really sad when it is only rain and wind all month. Passing of summer is always a big thing. It is so short here, and often like this year, cold and wet. It  is this feeling of sadness when summer goes. Perhaps because the seasonal contrasts are so big? I find the contrasts fascinating, but still I feel a bit sad when summer is over.

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