Thursday, 6 August 2015

The year in books VII..

It is about a week since I finished this book, and I have considered to just skip writing about it. But the plan is to write about all the books I read, and I have read it - so...
First of all about the author - Anne Holt. She is a well known crimewriter here in Norway and she is also published abroad. Before she startet to write crime, she worked as a newsreader, lawyer and even a politician for a short time. She has published a lot of books. I have read just about all of them. I just loved the first few books she wrote and I guess that is why I keep reading her, because either she has changed or I have changed or we both have changed.
This particular book she has written together with her brother who is a doctor. The story is about doping in football/soccer and the crime is solved by two doctors. I don't believe this story and I somehow don't like the main caracters. But the story is entertaining in its own way, and I didn't consider putting the book away. So it has something. Still - I don't find the thrill in Anne Holts books that I used to. But I know I will probably keep reading her in search of that thrill. So light entertainment and a bit of aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh.........

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