Tuesday, 1 September 2015


The Labourparty are known for handing out roses. I took one, but that doesn't mean that my vote is guaranteed.

This is by no means going to be a post about political views, but politics is on the agenda at the moment. We an election coming up in a couple of weeks. It is the local elections this time. The different political parties are to be seen wherever you go in the public sphere at the moment. I even met one party on a stand in the middle of a walkingtrail when I was out on my run.

I know in which direction I will vote, but there is a couple of options. I read their programs and I think "will it make a difference whatever which way I vote?" But I know that it can have an awful lot to say.

About 10-15 years ago I lived in a small village in a remoter area of the country. They have a hospital there, that was threathened to be shut down. It was a huge issue in the village. The hospital closing would mean loss of jobs at the hospital, but also the small businesses that lived of the hospital traffic. People started to feel insecure, where thinking about moving. It is the only time that I have taken part in a political demonstration. The hospital remains, but is still under threath. Since then I have tried to see the wider aspects of politics. It suddenly became very important to actually vote and not least who we voted for, was important. I try not to see only the charismatic or not so charismatic or that we are bored with you and need a new face, which I sometimes feel is the case. It is important what they say they want to do and will they actually be able to do it?

In two weeks time I will vote, for certain. As a citizen of this country that is my duty.

The label says: "Because children and the elderly are more important than taxcuts"

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